Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Heaven and Hell

It's Heaven and Hell

Hey...better late then never.

So Black Sabbath can't call themselves Black Sabbath anymore, thanx Sharon! Heaven and Hell/Black Sabbath came and went last spring and I thought it would be great to hear the Dio era tunes again.

The stage looked like the gates of Hell and the show was...well...rather plodding and slow most of the night. Kind of a disappointment if you want to know the truth. I was expecting a blow out but it was anything but that. The opener was from Dehumanizer (remember that sack o'shit anyone?) and for the first five minutes of the show I was thinking, "What fucking song is this?", that's a good way to dump the show at the opening bell. come on guys we've been waiting years for this and that's the best you can do?

By the time they got to some meaty tunes I was wishing Megadeth could come back out. Let's face it Dio has a strong voice but the running around flashing the devils horns wore out it's welcome rather quickly. Even tunes like "Mob Rules" and "Children of the Sea" lacked the pop they had on the LP's. Playing a few new tunes that no one had heard before was a nice try but it didn't work either. Maybe that's the reason we've heard no studio stuff from any of the Sabs for a while. And 3 or 4 tunes from "Dehumanizer" for crying out loud that king of "suck" Meatloaf has better songs. I'd have liked for them to have had a go at a new one called, "Bat Out of Heaven and Hell".

For goodness sakes by the time they got to "Heaven and Hell" the pit was asleep. And boys, just play the song. It's already 8 minutes long, it doesn't need to be 14. How many times does the crowd have to help out by singing, "It's heaven and hell"? Geez- 40, 50 times? Audience sing-a-longs are better when served up by John Denver and "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" than they ever will be by Black Sabbath. Can you imagine Ozzy having the crowd sing, "God knows as your dog knows, bog blast all of you!" for a fucking half an hour?

Megadeth however kicked some good old fashioned ass!!! Good job Dave!!!


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1600 said...

Guess I'm the only one who'll admit to liking Dehumanizer (it was a promo- I might have felt differently if I had spent money on it!). At LEAST it was better than "Tyr."
Still banging my head in Springfield