Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well, it's that time of year again- time to put another log on the fire, trim the tree, toe your missiles, and drop a few eggs in your nog. The Holidaze are upon us! Where, oh where, did 2008 go?

We three Wise Guys have followed the star hither and yon, to and fro, only to find ourselves back in beautiful downtown Merrifield, that steadily- growing metropolis that straddles the boundaries of Falls Church and Fairfax, and home to the mighty Fairfax Public Access Media Empire, from whence we bring you our weekly barrage of sometimes topical, occasionally entertaining and even more rarely educational musical insights, pop culture meanderings and semi-political observations, to tickle your fancy and boggle your beans.

For the last 3 years you've allowed us into your homes each week, greeted us at shows, in the stores and in the pubs, laughed at our gags, gaffes, and fanbelt moments, even joined us in Fairfax Detention Center lock-up on drunk and disorderly and public nuisance charges after one too many jello shooters! (And thanks for covering our bail- we'll pay ya back, no kiddin'! As soon as our folks raise our allowances!) All seriousness aside, the reception we've received and your friendship and support really DO make our day. Thanks for that, and for being our willing co-conspirators in all this silliness--we couldn't do it without ya, and hearing back from you mugs is always appreciated! We hope to renew acquaintances with some of the new friends we've made, and catch up with more of you when we're out and about in '09!

There's so much to be thankful for this year, even in the face of our seemingly never-ending crises: wars, financial uncertainty, Madonna's latest divorce, K-fed's battles with Britney, another Fleetwood Mac farewell tour- WILL IT EVER STOP???? The humanity, the humanity. Fortunately, we all still have our health (and quite likely, no insurance), a new administration on the way in (36 days and counting!), the pantry and liquor cabinet are stocked, gas is cheap again, the Caps are playing great hockey, the NY Giants are going back to the playoffs, and Frank Miller's The Spirit comes out on Christmas Day! Femmes fatale RULE!!!!

And we're especially thankful for the great folks we've had the privilege of spending time with this year. The Smithereens. Richard Thompson. Grace Potter. John Previti. Billy Hancock. Robin Trower. Elbow. Peter Hammill. Matt Caws of Nada Surf. The Waco Bros. Thee Maximalists. Judith Owen. Thank you one and all for sharing your insights and being yourselves with us. You're welcome to look us up anytime you're in town! And thanks to our pal John at the Birchmere, the 9:30 Club, Graham at Wolf Trap, Fritz at the Rock n' Roll Hotel, Lisner Auditorium, Jammin' Java, and John at the State Theater in fabulous Falls Church VA! We couldn't ask for more hospitable hosts!

But THIS FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19th, we'll say thanks and adios to 2008, reflecting on the year that was, and where we're going next with another GINORMOUS, LIVE, TWO-HOUR CHRISOLSTIKWANZAKUH SPECIAL!! Once again, we'll roll tape at 9:30 pm EST until we ring the curtain down at 11:30 pm, have a call-in number to take your questions and comments, and suggestions for subjects YOU want to hear us take on! So tell your friends, drop a dime on us, and put your evening on hold to celebrate the season with your pals from 1600 for our annual holiday hoedown THIS FRIDAY NIGHT on CHANNEL 10, available through our cable partners at Cox Communications and Verizon FiOS TV! And if you can't get us where you live- picket your local carrier 'til you do, spread the word, and sponge off your friends and neighbors 'til you can! In the meantime keep those cards and letters comin' in-

We'll see ya in the funny papers!

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